Tipping a Dealer

As a general rule, dealers at table games in the gambling houses are known to be a part of the industry that provides services. In other words, a significant part of their income comes from the tips they get at work; it is similar to the case of servers at restaurants. However, the kind of service they provide is completely different. Servers take orders, serve food and charge you, and you have to give them reward according to the kind of service you got. In the case of dealers, their main job is to deal cards and other things at gambling houses in a correct manner to make the game go with the flow. Another thing they have to do is to change counters, give gamblers their winnings and take gambler's bets when they lose. There is a good movie called National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation in which the job of the gambling house dealers is perfectly portrayed. Most dealers would like to help gamblers win because the more they win, the better tips they will get.

How to be a Good Croupier

It is of popular knowledge if you don't win, you don't feel like giving tips away. A pleasing croupier should try to be with good manners in order to help gamblers enjoy their gambling sessions. The more fun the bettor has, the bigger tip will be.

In some gambling houses, croupiers can keep the tips they got. In some other gambling houses, they make use of a pool of tips. However, it is a common feature among croupiers who have their own tips to be kinder.

When the tips are placed in the pool, croupiers sometimes have problem with colleagues because not all of them get good tips and that affects all the other croupiers of the gambling house.If you want to know how to behave at the land based casinos you can read casino etiquette.