Nevada Gaming Control Board

This Nevada state governmental agency was founded in 1955 for the purpose of regulating gambling throughout the state of Nevada in association with the Nevada Gaming Commission. It is made up of three members appointed by the Governor. These individuals are expected to stay in office for four years. Its jurisdiction is spread over six areas concerning the gaming industry. These are the tax and license division, the audit division, the enforcement division, the investigation division, the technology division and the administration division.

Tax and license division

The tax and license division are responsible for collecting taxes and all other activities related to the management of the revenue related to gaming in Nevada. This involves depositing and distributing the money collected from gaming taxes, penalties, fees, fines and interests. It is also responsible for issuing out licenses approved by the Nevada gaming commission. The commission also performs compliance reviews of any non-restricted licensees earning below $ 5,000,000 gross gaming revenue annually, among other responsibilities.

Audits division

The audit division is responsible for conducting live on –site audits of gaming establishments by inspecting their financial records and physical location. This is to ensure that they are reporting their taxable gaming revenue as required by law. They are also expected to evaluate non-restricted properties with a value of 5.87 million and above in gaming revenue.

Law enforcement division

The enforcement division is the law enforcement division of the board. It is concerned with arbitrating any disputes between patrons and licensees in gaming establishments. They also gather intelligence related to crime in the gaming industry as well as conduct regulatory investigations by conducting frequent and random inspections of casinos.

They inspect casinos to ensure that the right gaming items and equipments are being used. This concerns slot machines, roulette wheels, gaming chips, dice and check on the presence of licenses and their authenticity. The commission works together with the casino's security and management officials in order to get a clear picture of the facilities being used in the casino. This is to ensure everything is legal and running according to state rules and regulations.

Investigative division

The investigative division is concerned with gaming licenses and carrying out thorough investigations before making recommendations and decisions concerning the allocation of gaming licenses. It also conducts investigations on registered corporations and their subsidiaries regarding any actions they take that may affect the gambling industry.

Technology division

The technology division is based on the computer gaming industry. They inspect and test any devices out there related to the industry. They check for the integrity of the devices and analyze any electronics and software used to make the devices. All IT related issues connected to the gaming industry are under their jurisdiction. Lastly, the administration department is concerned with any human resource issues and organization of the different offices.

The gambling industry has in the past earned an unsavory reputation, and before the creation of the Nevada gaming commission there was a lot of disorganization and unlawful activities related to gaming establishments in Nevada.

Benefits of the commission since inception to the state of Nevada

Since the inception of the commission to date, Casinos and any activities related to them have been streamlined to make sure things are run according to the law, and fair gaming is promoted. Patrons can now get any issues they have related to gaming establishments looked into.

The gaming commission has curbed the establishment of suspect gaming ventures or questionable ownership. This has involved uncovering of casino scams against patrons where the Casino owners rob their patrons by using suspect material such as loaded dice and marked cards among other scams.

Considering that the gaming industry employs a large number of people in the state of Nevada and counts for a large part of the taxes coming from the state, this commission plays an important role. Its offices are open 24 hours a day and any complaints and disputes are attended to immediately helping the industry to run smoothly.