Edward Thorp

One of the most important twenty-one players all over the world in spite of Richard Marcus is Edward Thorp. He is a math professor from Chicago and one of the players who have been more successful in playing the game. After reading a book called Beat the Dealer, Edward put a mathematical strategy to use and he was able to defeat the table. In fact, this is the sole book that helped players learn a strategy to defeat the house by simply numerating the cards.

Using a Laptop to Improve your Twenty-one Chances

Edward Thorp made use of a laptop in order to investigate the chances he had of defeating the house when playing twenty-one. He devoted many hours of his life to put several strategies to use. He created a strong strategy by numerating the cards and this gave him a lot of profit. He contacted another professional bettor in order to put his strategy to use in different gambling houses of America. They started in the Vegas area and took ten thousand dollars with them. As a result, they won twenty one thousand dollars.

Methods Thorp Used

As Thorp is a witty man, he made use of several costumes in order to enter the gambling houses where he was banned. He also created the first computer to carry around. As a result, people nowadays are not allowed to carry gadgets of any kind when they enter gambling houses. Thorp wrote a book and he clearly stated that bettors should not make use of standard strategies to defeat the house. Because of the creation of his own strategy, he earned a lace in the twenty-one hall of fame. Once he proved that his strategy was useful, Thorp never gambled again and he started to work in the stock market. If you want to know more about famous casino players you are welcomed to read about MIT team.