Richard Marcus

It is a popular knowledge that any activity always presents the person with the most skills to do it. For instance, in the case of football, there will never be another Maradona. The idea of another football player achieving what he did is impossible for many people. In the case of gambling houses, there are countless people who have tried to find strategies to defeat the house.Edward Thorp and Richard Marcus in fact they are known as the tricksters of story.

Richard Marcus Beginnings

When he first began, he was a humble man, in fact at first he only bet in order to survive. Back in those days, he didn't have any strategies and casino cheating and he lost everything. As he didn't want that kind of lifestyle, he found a job at a gambling house. This was very beneficial for him because he could get a view of how the gambling house works from the inside. As a result, he came up with a strategic plan to hit the gambling houses successfully.

Strategic Plan

This is what Richard Marcus did in order to defeat the house. First, he gambled three counters of five dollars. This was the ideal gamble because the croupier didn't find anything strange in it. If he won, he would start showing off how happy he was. This confused the croupier who only paid back thirty dollars. After that, Richard would say that everything happened because of this brown counter. With a confused look, the croupier lifted the red counters and saw the brown counter that represented five hundred dollars. As a result, he won more than one thousand dollars. The idea is that the croupier didn`t not notice the brown counter so if you didn`t win, you got the counters back. After using his strategy for several years, the police caught him and he was sent to jail. However, he didn't retire from the gambling area.