How to make money on Roulette: these methods will help you increase your chances to beat the od

Keep in mind that if a gambler wins too much cash, the casino is likely to stop granting their access. When there are too many winners on a specific table, their system's algorithm starts pointing in that direction and eyebrows rise. You don't have too much time and you will have to be discreet.

Casinos are always on the hunt for players that always win. If you happen to take profit from a single account all the time, chances are they'll be doing something to stop you very soon.

How to make money on roulette? Take a look a couple of methods that will put your picture in the most wanted list of the casinos.

The "Multiple winner personality disorder" approach

Almost always the preferred method by my followers. Open up multiple accounts and keep closing them as you earn significant amounts of money. Although they will allow on account per person only, this could be possible by:

  • Ask friends from around to open up accounts for you on their behalf. You can split the winnings, or offer them a flat rate for their accounts. Make sure the casino is allowed in your friends' country before placing any bets!
  • Some players just use a fake ID. Although it is illegal to do so, playing with a fake ID is a victimless crime. I don't see it happening for a prosecutor to spend thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money to pursue someone who's betting online with more than one account. It's not that we encourage this practice, but it is among the tricks to playing roulette at It's your entire responsibility if you choose to do it.

The "Large and fast winnings" way

Here is one more tip for how to make money on roulette. You have to play once a month tops for this strategy to work. It begins by taking advantage of the most predictable moment of the wheel, and then attack with large bets. You will need a big bankroll for this to work and be precise on the timing, because these companies are going to apply countermeasures that will affect other gamblers, This is why this strategy is considered to be a little selfish: all for you while endangering other players' odds. This is how you'll make it on this exciting game!