Top-Notch MIT Team

In 1990 a team of men of science from the renowned Institute of Technology of Massachusetts had an idea that would embarrass a few gambling houses in Vegas. They found a way of getting loads of money from gambling houses in a couple of years. Although the exact amount of money was never revealed to public, experts believe that they got away with more than three million dollars. All of the members of the team were brilliant and used a help of scientists who were not really interested in the game of twenty-one at the beginning. However, they put their intelligence to use and tried as many different games of twenty-one as possible. They gathered together every day in order to improve the strategies they came up with.

Card Chips Outlines

From the very beginning, gambling houses created an outline of the card chips used for twenty-one. For this reason the members of the MIT group were from different origins and they were men and women. The idea was that the members of the team had certain facial features that allowed them to create identities for the different gambling houses they visited. In some cases, the members made others believe that they were from very wealthy families.

Defeating the Gambling House

The witty members of the team made use of all the casino cheating methods. There were three kinds of gamblers in the team. The first kind was called spotters. This kind of gamblers never gambled more than the minimum bet for the table. He only had to numerate the cards. Once he made sure that the cards were going to be favourable for him, he let his partners know and they started to play at the same table. The other two kinds were the Gorillas and the big players and their role was to enter a table game with important gambles when the spotted told them. This way they were able to win loads of money but the Griffin Investigation Company started to investigate them. None of them was allowed to enter a gambling house anymore. However, some of them kept doing the same thing. One of them published a book and there is even a movie with the story. If you want to know more about the great gambling personalities you can read about Edward Thorp and Richard Marcus.