Casino Cheating

Casino cheating exists as long as casinos exist. It is very typical to hear different stories about how players cheated in Las Vegas casinos and dont follow the etiquette in Las Vegas and other casinos. And many various security systems can`t prevent casinos from constant cheating by smart players. During many years there were many players who had successfully cheated casinos and had managed to earn huge amounts of money. But you should also know that there are also other people apart from players who try to cheat casinos. Who are these people? Actually, they are casino dealers who cheat casinos from time to time.

Dealers and Cheating

Dealers are casino employees and their responsibility is to watch how players behave and make sure that they do not try to cheat. But the matter is that dealers themselves tend to cheat. Nowadays there are plenty of cameras and security systems in casinos that prevent from cheating. Moreover, there also floor managers who watch players` and dealers` gaming. As a result, it has become pretty difficult to do cheating in casinos

However, there some cases when dealers manage to do some kind of cheating using various cheating techniques. Dealers are the persons who know all the inside world of the casino they are working in. Moreover, they know how every single game in casino works. They are aware of all the insider tricks and game strategies. Statistics says that insufficient dealers` tipping is one of the main reasons that provoke dealers to cheat in casinos.

Methods of Cheating

Not so long ago the most typical method that was used by casino dealers was cards` marking. In order to apply this method, a dealer cooperated with a players or a group of players, marked cards and introduced the cards in the deck that was employed during the game. The marks made on the cards were insignificant and it was next to impossible to notice them by the naked eye. The card marking gave the player possibility to recognize the cards` value and helped them make proper decisions.

Today cards` marking is not really possible as there are certain policies and rules concerning decks. So, dealers try to employ another cheating method that is called a second dealing. What does it mean? Dealers form groups together with players who come to play at the table games. The dealer peeks at the top card in order to do checking of its value and deals the 2nd card from the top card. The card on the top is, in general, of a high value and, as a result, favors the further game. Dealers may also use some shuffling techniques that also are helpful for players they cooperate with. Such techniques are known as shuffle card tricks.