The eCOGRA Certificate

The acronym eCOGRA stands for eCommerce and online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. This is a watch dog group involved in monitoring gaming sites, to ensure that they are playing by the rules and offering online gamblers games conducted on a fair play basis. In addition, they ensure that the players are treated fairly and given their dues when they play casino games online.

They do this with the cooperation of the online casinos. These casinos allow them scrutinize their procedures and operations to identify any cases of malpractice that may affect the gamblers in a negative way. In return, they offer what is referred to as an eCOGRA certificate to the online casinos if they meet all requirements and every aspect of their dealings concerning online games is found to be above board.

How to get an eCOGRA certificate

Online casinos have to write an application to be considered for this certificate. Once they apply for the certificate, their online gaming facilities are thoroughly inspected to ensure that all the requirements are met. This includes validating issues of fair play, the protection of the rights of the online games customers, prompt payment of winnings, safe storage of customer information, honest advertising and fair competition with other establishments.

Once thorough investigations have been done, and the online casino proves that it is being run on the straight and narrow the organization presents it with a seal of approval which is displayed on the site. This gives customers the confidence to deal with the casino as they are assured that they are being provided with a safe and fair gaming environment.

However, this inspection is not a onetime thing as the association ensures that continuous random inspections are done to ensure that the right standards are maintained by any casino with this certificate. As long as the eCOGRA safety and fairness seal continuous to be displayed on the casino website, players can be sure that they are playing in a fair betting environment, and any information they offer is safe.

Other services offered by eCOGRA

The help offered by this organization also extends to the players. If an online casino player encounters a problem with any casino, he/she can apply to eCOGRA for assistance. These problems are fixed in the shortest amount of time possible, in all fairness to the gambler and the casino.

This group also carries out inspections on any groups affiliated to online casinos such as software manufacturers. As long as they meet the required standards for fairness during all operations and they guard the safety of the customer’s sensitive information, they are provided with the organization’s seal of approval. The presence of this non-governmental organization has made a big difference to the gambling industry.

Benefits of the organization

This is true especially with online gambling because the online gaming industry has the potential to put in place a lot of schemes to hoodwink the public. It’s hard to know what is happening beyond a computer screen. Without such a seal, it would be hard for customers to know whom to trust. This would in turn affect online casino businesses because suspicious customers end up staying away from gambling altogether, which is not good for business.

The seal of approval from eCOGRA boosts online gaming business performance and gives customers peace of mind.