Gaming Machines Features

Gambling machines are those mechanical devices on which you can enjoy some games. Gambling machines fall into three categories, namely coin machines, video poker and video lottery station. Let's have a look at the differences between them and acquaint ourselves with the casino etiquette.

Coin Machines

This kind of machine gets different names in different places but the idea behind them is that any coin machine has three or even more spools that swirl when you press a button. Coin machines are also referred to as bandits with one arm since years ago the game had a bar in place of a button and players gambled everything they had. Nowadays, some coin machines still have the bar and the button.

Every coin machine has a detector to recognize the bill or coin which people use to play. The payment you get depends on the combination of the signs that get to the payline. In spite of the fact that these machines are not accessible in online gambling they are the most popular at land gambling houses and about thirty percent of the gambling house profit comes from this game.

Video Lottery Station

This kind of casino machine is ideal for gamblers who enjoy playing video games and at the same time gamble. A video lottery station is like a coin machine but it differs in that it makes use of a computer to determine the result of the gamble. Each result is, of course, haphazard and the operators of the machine ensure that it pays a certain amount of money.

Video Poker

This kind of game is similar to poker in that you get five cards. The machine resembles a coin machine but you play video poker. When you insert the coins or bills, the game starts and you have to gamble and then hit the "deal" button. When you get the cards, you have the chance of changing the cards. If your cards match any of the combinations, you get paid.

If you get a pair of jacks you get even money. If you get some other card combinations, you will notice that they are similar to a traditional poker game. You can get two pairs, five different cards, five similar cards, a pair and three similar cards, four similar cards, five continuous cards, and a royal flush.

In some cases the machines offer progressive pots and some other prizes, something that attracts gamblers to bet as much as they can.