Etiquette in Las Vegas

If you are planning to go to Vegas for a gambling session, you need to remember that tipping a dealer is a very important part of your gambling session at any gambling house. There are certain rules you need to follow. Remember that if you go to a bar, you don't have to tip them. However, in a gambling house you are expected to tip the croupier according to the service you got.

Protocol for Tipping in Vegas

The following things should be taken into account only when you are in Vegas not any other place. If a person is not kind and seems to be annoyed by what you are asking, you need to think about that at the moment of rewarding the person. However, if a person is attentive and nice, you need to thank when you tip the person.

If you go to a restaurant, you should give the server no less than one or two dollars if the group is small. If the number of people is important, it should be more than that. If you are in a hotel, you should give the concierge between five and twenty dollars. In the case of croupiers you have to give them a good tip in order to enjoy the game. One thing you need to know is that if you tip the croupier, you won't increase your chances of winning or gat some bonuses at casino. You can start by giving them one dollar or more. If you are having a good night, you should also tip the clerk. You should also tip the manager of the hotel, restaurant or bar to get the best places or table. You are also expected to reward servers and service for room at hotels with a fifteen percent of the bill. Those who carry your bags should get one dollar for each bag they carry. Don't forget to tip cab and limousine drivers, valet parking assistants, maids and people who work on the pool.