Online Casino Bonuses: Weekly and Monthly Bonuses

All online casinos offer bonus schemes to their players. Bonuses are given as an incentive to players to spend more money. The more money each player spends the greater the bonus will be. The bonuses are offered as a rewards scheme or loyalty scheme. The two terms have the same meaning. This is accomplished in 4 different ways:

Reload Bonus

This bonus is offered by casinos to encourage players to top up their online account at regular intervals. The bonus offered can be as high as 100 per cent of the top up. So a player depositing 100 credits will receive a bonus of 100 credits. This is achieved by the player making an arrangement with the live casino that, when the balance has depleted to a certain agreed level, the casino will request an agreed top up amount form the players’ bank or credit card.

Preferred Deposit Bonus

This form of bonus is offered by the casino, to the player, if they top up their account electronically using the preferred method of deposit stated by the casino. These bonuses may be as high as 15 per cent of the balance you transfer to your account. Please note that if a casino is offering a 5,000 credit bonus, by this means, it is not offering the player 5,000 credits for depositing 100 credits as a bonus. The casino is offering 15 per cent of the actual amount you deposit. The case above would mean that the player would receive 15 credits bonus not 5,000. This is the maximum amount of bonus that will be paid on any one transaction.

Loyalty Bonuses

This form of bonus is offered to players that have remained loyal to a particular casino for an extended period of time. It works as a VIP scheme. There will be a VIP scale published by the casino that details the scheme. The longer you are a member of the casino and the more money you spend, the higher the rewards will be because the higher your status will be.

High Roller Bonuses

These bonuses are aimed at the players that deposit large sums of money. This type of bonus can be as high as 50 per cent of the players’ deposit. A player depositing 10,000 credits would automatically receive 15,000 credits. The casino will clearly inform prospective players of this bonus scheme and their terms and conditions.

All of the above bonuses can, with mutual agreement between the parties, be paid weekly or monthly.